Customs agent have already been a trend used by businesses in Vietnam and the world to implement import-export procedures. Today we learn about what a customs agent be, and why enterprises need to use customs agent services for their import-export shipments:

What is a customs agent in Vietnam?

A customs agent is a company that specializes in customs services in Vietnam, licensed by the Vietnamese customs authority, and responsible for the information declared on the customs declaration.

What is a customs agent? Why need customs agent services in Viet Nam?

Trends of using customs agent for import-export goods

In some developed countries (USA, Japan, ...), businesses that want to import can't implement import-export procedures by themselves. They must ask a customs agent company to do import-export processes.

Why need to use customs agent service in Viet Nam?

In Viet Nam, there are currently 2 types of customs clearance services. That is the customs agent and the customs declarant. We will learn the difference between these 2 types.

Responsibilities and duties of a customs agent:

The customs agent will represent the import-export business to carry out the processes for importing and exporting goods according to the contract signed between the two parties (enterprise and customs agent).

Customs agent use their digital signatures to declare customs and take responsibility for the information on the customs declaration with the import-export business.

The name and code of the customs agent will be shown on the declaration also the customs system.

To be licensed as a customs agent, it must take the exam and have a certificate of customs professional from the General Department of Vietnam Customs.

What is a customs agent? Why need customs agent services in Viet Nam?

Responsibilities and duties of customs declarants (also known as middlemen)

The customs declarant will be on behalf of the import-export business to carry out the procedures to import and export goods.

The customs declarant uses the digital signature of the import-export enterprise to make customs declarations and isn't responsible for the information declared on the customs declaration.

On the customs system, the customs declaration only shows the information of the import-export business. Customs will automatically understand that enterprises go through the procedures by themselves.

They don't need to have a certificate of customs professional. They are just someone with customs declaration experience.

Referring to some cases of risks that have occurred when not using a customs agent:

Some customs declarants who take advantage of the trust of businesses with their own experience have used the digital signatures of enterprises to self-import individual shipments. It is risky because those shipments may be prohibited goods. The enterprises only discover when customs or the police send the notices about that. It is also difficult to prove that the ban shipment is a self-imported enterprise or not.

Because customs declarants aren't responsible, someone deliberately consults declaring the wrong name/the wrong quantity, which will cause damage to the business when the shipment is inspected after customs clearance or inspected by the market manager.

Customs agent can't advise customers with wrong information due to the obligation of their responsibilities on the declaration. Therefore, enterprises will reduce the risk of post-clearance inspection or the inspection of market managers.

Customs agent service for import and export goods of Sea Dragon

The customs agent service of Sea Dragon company specializes in customs procedures for import-export goods, ensuring safety and transparency for customers, limiting incurred payments due to voucher error, and the lack of documents.

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What is a customs agent? Why need customs agent services in Viet Nam?

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