A phytosanitary certificate is one of the mandatory documents that importers require Vietnamese enterprises to provide when exporting agricultural and forestry products to foreign countries. The phytosanitary registration process for export goods isn't too hard. However, it requires the implementer to master the process to avoid errors and situations that the shipments have been exported without successfully registering the phytosanitary certificate. Today, Sea Dragon International Logistics Company will send you the entire process of phytosanitary registration for export goods as follows:

What is phytosanitary for exports?

Phytosanitary is a task that a state agency requires to inspect goods to prevent the spread of dangerous diseases (caused by viruses, insects, or pathogens) affecting plants (agricultural products) and people in Vietnam. PROCEDURE OF PHYTOSANITARY REGISTRATION FOR EXPORT GOODS IN VIETNAM - SEA DRAGON 2

Which products need phytosanitary for export?

Products subject to phytosanitary are products made from plants and trees such as agricultural products, crops, vegetables, wood, etc.

What is the phytosanitary procedure for export goods?

Step 1: Register an account to do plant quarantine

Go to the new account registration office of the plant quarantine agency (regional plant quarantine department) to register and receive 02 samples included in the account registration form (needs one day to activate the account) and phytosanitary registration form.

Then, you go back and create an account by following the above 02 forms.

Step 2: Register the shipment to need quarantining:

Shippers or authorized persons implement the phytosanitary registration with the regional plant quarantine agency 1-2 days before the ship departures

Registration documents include:

  • Phytosanitary registration form (according to the form of the quarantine agency and fully declaring information about the shipment to need quarantining)
  • Contract of sale of goods (required) with the bill of lading + invoice + packing list (if any)
  • The referral of the owner of a shipment (if the registrant is the person authorized)

Everyone remember to check what category the product be in and write down the quarantine fee in the registration form before submitting the documents.  If you apply without knowing the quarantine cost of your shipment, you may anger the quarantine officer who checks and approves your documents.

After the docs are approved, you need to go to the accounting department of the plant quarantine agency to pay the phytosanitary fee.

Step 3: Carry out procedures for testing and sampling the shipments that need a phytosanitary

The location of the physical sampling inspection will depend on the type of goods and the requirements of the importing countries; therefore, it can be the port/airport or production warehouse. Or quarantine officer can require an extra special inspection of the factory, growing area, etc.

The quarantine agency will conduct a sampling inspection to determine whether the goods are eligible for export.

Step 4: Electronic declaration of the shipment that needs to exporting

Declaring shipment information through the website of the Regional Quarantine Sub-Department (sender, recipient, name of goods, quantity, country of origin, special inspection, etc., or other requirements). Within 4 hours, the quarantine agency will resend the draft certificate via email to the shipper or an authorized person.


Step 5: Submit a complete application to get a phytosanitary certificate

After having the draft phytosanitary certificate, you should check and send it to the shipper/consignee for confirmation.

If correction is needed, you edit it directly on the draft and send the complete documents to the Plant Quarantine Sub-department.

Then you bring the completed documents to submit at the receiving room of the plant quarantine agency. Including:

  • Reception number
  • The initial set of documents
  • The draft of the phytosanitary certificate declared online
  • Bill of Lading
  • Invoice
  • Packing list

Step 6: Receive and check the completeness and validity of the record

The quarantine officer will check documents. If the documents are sufficient and valid, the original certificate will send to the shipper within 24 hours. In the opposite case, the quarantine officer shall require the shipment owner or authorized person to supplement and complete the documents.

Phytosanitary registration service for exports of Sea Dragon company:

Phytosanitary registration service for exports of Sea Dragon company, specializing in consulting for agricultural products and food products exported to fastidious markets such as Europe, America, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, etc.

Of course, there will be many cases with special requirements that we can't list on this post. Please don't hesitate to contact Mr. Jack at +84 902 620 898 for more information.

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Source: Sea Dragon International Logistics Company